Whitetail Minerals - Never a Bad Time

What's the Best Time to Put Minerals Out for Whitetail?

The best time to start putting out deer minerals is now!! Deer need macro/micro minerals like people need vitamins, so the sooner the better! Hunter’s go to the store, see it on the shelf two weeks before season and because Walmart puts it on the shelf then, they believe that’s the time to start putting it out. I am not saying deer will consume it now like they will in the spring, but it can definitely help get a herd through some bad winter months!

Obviously during the Rut deer have ONE thing on their mind, then shortly after they are looking to put fat back on and recover. Minerals are not “feed” or grain, but they are essential to a whitetail deer herd. If I have 3 deer out of 20 that are in need of these nutrients, I want to make sure I supplement them on that property and get them through the cold days without stress!

By providing minerals year round, you are doing nothing but reducing stress. Stress free deer are healthier deer, just like people. This is the ENTIRE point of supplementing feed/mineral on your property, NOT growing bone. It takes YEARS to grow bone, bottom line. Make a healthy deer herd and give your deer the chance to mature!

Shoot straight people!

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