5 Reasons To Hunt A Specific Whitetail


5 Reasons You SHOULD Hunt A Specific Whitetail -

We hear this issue all the time. Hunter’s see a massive Whitetail and get their heart set on that animal. It is totally understandable. Better yet, trail camera photo’s cause us to fall madly in love. It’s sad, yet true. We spend our breaks at work looking at topo maps, trying to pattern the animal. Spend our weekends and extra cash on placing new trail cameras the animal forced us to buy, just so we could place them on every trail leading to the one “Consistent” spot he visits. We hang three stands, for the love of hunting, to just play the wind right! Come on, now. If this isn’t love, I do not know what is!!!

It is easy to get caught up in a situation like this. Is there anything wrong with it? In my opinion, no. I’ll tell you why I believe some hunter’s would disagree. You hear it a lot, it isn’t about the size of the animal, but the hunt. That is true. So true. I believe it all depends on how in depth you go into this statement though, that is what truly matters. These other hunter’s will also say that it is about putting meat in the freezer. Hey, I am right there with you. No matter what buck I chase, I am all for piling up the doe meat for the off season. I believe that some hunters are afraid that “trophy hunters” or “horn hunters” give the wrong impression to the “Anti-Hunters”. Fair enough, I can see their point. Now, let me tell you why I believe that hunting one buck isn’t an issue.


Motivation is key when hunting a mature whitetail buck. It is not an easy task, if anything, it gets you up in the morning. It gets your warm feet out of the covers and to the cold floor a lot easier! That is half the battle.


Hunting is all about experience. Let me rephrase that. SUCCESSFUL hunting is all about experience. If a buck motivates you enough to strictly hunt him, be in the woods all season after him, you are going to see a lot of deer that you will let pass. You’ll watch them, become familiar with their patterns and in return, you’ll gain priceless experience that no blog, video or trail camera can give you.


No stand time is bad time. You hunt one deer, you hunt all season, countless hours in the stand, you become so familiar with your stand setups and what works best for you. This does nothing but allows you to perfect the perfect setup for the future. How can you go wrong with this?


Let’s face it. We don’t always get the animal we want. However, while hunting that deer, and I mean truly hunting that deer, chances are there are a few 2-3 year old, really nice future trophy bucks that you will get to see on hoof, more than once. By this, you are becoming educated. When that Whitetail is a five year old dominant brute, you’ll know which stand to be in when crunch time rolls around.


Sometimes we need a challenge. Sometimes we need a fire to flare up once again in our passions. Be it hunting, videography, writing or our careers. Sometimes we need pushed to a certain limit, and to feel what it is like to struggle again. Through this venture, we end up finding ourselves again. What a better way than to go one on one, with a mature, intelligent animal that can provide your family food for a month? In our world, there is not a better way.

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Cody Fuller

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