Making Memories - One Hunt At A Time

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When I was growing up, just in diapers, my Dad introduced me to Coon Hunting. As the years went by, he started letting me go rabbit hunting with him and my uncles. I had an 880 power line pellet gun. It took me many of shots but I killed my first rabbit when I was about eleven years old. Boy, I thought I was something but the biggest thrill was the fact that I got to share it with my Dad, my uncle Roger, Uncle Ronnie and my uncle Larry. Dad bought me my first 20 gauge, not soon after, and man I loved it. I still have it to this day. I felt as if I was right there with the adults. I had me a rabbit killing machine! As I got a little older, dad took me deer hunting. I seen my first buck the very first morning but never was able to draw down on him. Finally, a few years later, I killed me a big Ol’ 5 point buck. From that moment on I went “whitetail nuts”. I have taken many of deer over the years since. I got married and my wife Becky and I have been blessed with 4 beautiful kids, two boys and two girls. I could not wait until they were old enough, as matter of fact, I had my oldest in in the tree with me when he was 4. I let him shoot his first deer when he was 7, but the most important thing I have got to enjoy is taking all my kids hunting, teaching them everything that I was taught. We have made a lot of memories. As I look back to when I was young, I'm am so thankful that my dad was a hunter. He shared the exact same thing that I am sharing today with my kids, with me. There are so many people in this world that have never had that chance. The chance to share the wonderful sport of hunting. Honestly, let's face it, many kids these day are in front of a computer or an Xbox. I try my best to keep mine in the outdoors and raise them the way I was taught. We love it. As long as I'm alive, I will keep sharing many of the sacred memories with them. It is the look in their eyes when that big ole gobbler struts into range or that first deer they pull the trigger on, its that moment that is unforgettable, the smile on their face when they are holding that tail fan, or that set of horns, or when we are setting at the table enjoying our dinner that they have provided. What I have to say to you, is if you haven't experienced this with your children, I highly suggest giving it a try. What could it hurt? Memories are forever, that is one thing nobody can take away from you. So, hey, get them off the couch and in the woods!!!!!

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