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Review of “Precision Bowhunting” by John & Chris Eberhart

At this current time, I know, turkey season is here. I understand that completely! However, let’s redirect your attention back to Whitetails for just a short second! I was able to purchase an incredibly written book called, “Precision Bowhunting”, which was written by John and Chris Eberhart. I have to say, this book changed the way that I bowhunt. I purchased mine from Amazon and it was fairly low cost.

Theme- “A Year-Round Approach to Taking Mature Whitetails” This book walks you through, literally month by month, on how to better your chances at harvesting a mature Whitetail with a bow. It discusses the process they have used over numerous successful and not so successful seasons, starting the day after season ends, and goes all the way through late season.

Quality – excellent. You can instantly tell that this book was “done” right. Very appealing look and of great quality. It isn’t cheaply made is what I am getting at. Some books I have ordered practically falls apart before you get the chance to crack it open. This thing is stout!

Length – 213 Pages. Yes, you read that correctly, 213 pages. Now, for those of you that do not like to read, I understand. I have to be drawn to a book in order to read it and stay focused. After finishing this book, I literally was shocked that they were able to include all the information, in an informative manner, in just 213 pages. It is worth it. Read it!

My Review – A success. This book is just that, a pure success. Knowledge is key and I can promise you, no matter what stage of bowhunter you are, you will benefit from this book. I, at times, tend to discard free information on topics that I am heavily associated with. I decided with this book, I would keep an open mind and look at it as if I knew nothing about bowhunting whitetails. I was shocked. Not only did I learn new things, but I learned different views on the information I was already familiar with, which in return made me that much more confident of a hunter.

The knowledge and information included in this book is worth 100x’s the amount of what it costs. I find myself going back and reading chapters consistently during that “phase” of the season. The layout is wonderful. The chapters are basically laid out per month/season. So if you want to know how to scout early season, it’s easily found. If you want to know how to hunt September, compared to October, it is there. That is one of my favorite things about this book, the knowledge is, not only all there, but it is easily accessed.

I can honestly say that this is the only book I have ever read that I didn’t find a flaw in. The words flow smoothly, the content keeps you hooked and every page is a new adventure, all 213 of them. John and Chris are a great “father/son” team.

READ IT!!!!!!


Until next time guys/gals…..

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