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If you are a hunter, fisherman or just an avid outdoorsman, then you know the struggle that comes along with finding gear that works. Most of the time, it is not necessarily finding gear that works, but finding the gear that works for YOU. If Avid is in front of your Outdoorsman description, then you too have a tendency to be extremely picky with your gear, as I can promise you that I am. Finding a single company to provide you clothing for every situation and climate seems impossible, right? Yes, go ahead and laugh but while you laugh, let’s direct your attention to the newest line of Outdoor Layering, Plythal!

First off, let me say that the Power of Plythal is unlike anything that I have encountered in my 20 years of Hunting. There are very few times that I am blown away by an outdoor product, especially clothing. Yes, I am picky. I am also tall and a larger framed man than the normal hunter, which has proven time and time again to provide me with sizing issues on any hunting apparel I have purchased. Plythal is a layering system. Their technology goes WAY beyond just keeping you warm, dry or comfortable. When I first ran across them at the 2014 ATA trade show in Nashville, Tennessee, they made some pretty bold promises about their product. So, let’s talk about those promises they make and then we will see how well those promises were held up.

Plythal lives by six key components. The components are Flexibility, Breathability, Noise Reducer, Scent Blocking, Water Reducer and Wind Reducer. Now, sit back and let that soak in. Imagine being twenty foot up an oak tree, 1,200 yards from your truck, 7a.m. with a strong North wind, slight sleet and 33 degree temperatures. This is the situation I always go to mentally when thinking over whether my hunting apparel is going to work. Those are prime hunting conditions and chances are, it is during the rut. I would want to sit in the stand all day long. So, will these claims keep me comfortable? Flexibility, so I can draw my bow, Breathability so the 1,200 yard walk in doesn’t soak my clothing, Noise Reducer so I don’t get busted on a close encounter, Scent Blocking so that I can be confident in my setup, Water Reducer so I don’t get wet and Wind Reducer so I can fight through an all day sit on those cold winter days. Now, again, let that soak in. No, I am not lying to you, Plythal claims their product will do everything I just said. Wait, though, there is more! Plythal also claims their fabric is a new technology called “Rip Stop”. Basically, they claim you can trample through the thickest of thickets in the Eastern Kentucky hills and never shift a single thread. Now that, to me, was very hard to believe. I cannot count on one hand how many pants I have ruined stomping through these hills, even blue jeans! Now, I immediately noticed their camouflage pattern was very catchy. Catchy meaning it looked amazing. Closer I got to it, the more it looked REAL. Let’s get into the claims they make on their camouflage patterns.

Plythal does not use your name brand camouflage patterns. Now I know there are some die hard, live and die by one pattern, hunters out there. I am with you. I had one specific pattern myself. Plythal uses “Photoflauge”. Now, “Photoflauge” is actually their own camouflage pattern. It is a photo realistic image that is printed through a superior printing process. Other camouflage patterns go off of an artist’s interpretation of nature, they design it and it is printed. Plythal doesn’t take that step. Plythal’s camouflage pattern comes straight from nature and is printed totally different. They claim their camouflage will not fade. At first, I was totally skeptical. My entire life I had used one camouflage pattern. I knew what it was capable of. Plythal’s Photoflauge pattern was just too appealing, when I looked at it from a hunter’s perspective. I could instantly see the potential. This pattern just made way too much sense to me, as far as the hunter inside my head goes.

So, we have a new clothing line that offers Flexibility, Breathability, Noise Reducer, Scent Blocking, Water Reducer and Wind Reducer. They also offer a new camouflage pattern that looks just amazing. Now, the next thing that pops into my head, especially as a bow hunter, what kind of variety and accessories are they going to offer? I do not like to mix my camouflage patterns in a tree, it obviously does not work when you are talking about concealment. So the thought of do they have, gloves, neck gators, toboggans, archery gloves, gun gloves, cold weather and warm weather apparel ran through my mind. The answer to these questions blew me away. Not only do they have EVERYTHING for EVERY kind of weather, warm or cold, rainy or windy, they have it in THREE different layers. The layers starting in warm weather and ending in frigid cold weather. I am not talking about just base layers and outwear, tops and bottoms, I am talking about three step layering from gloves, beanies, neck gators, facemasks all the way down to your base layers. This was completely impressive to me. They took the new age of “Layering” and redefined it, made it so much simpler and easy to understand, on top of educational. Are you liking what you are hearing? Well, wait, because there is more, believe it or not.

Okay, we have the six key components, the camouflage pattern and the layering designs inside of the layers, but what else could there be? Plythal took it a step farther, making their layering system the single most advanced in the hunting and outdoor industry. Plythal divided all of their products into two different series. You have the Stealth Series and the Shield Series. The Stealth Series is made for the warmer temperatures, but yet their top layers still provide warmth for cooler temperatures when needed. Their Shield Series is designed for your colder weather, yet their initial layers can be worn in the warmer temperatures and their top layers being designed for your frigid temperatures. This, in my opinion, is the most intelligent design of clothing that has ever been introduced to Hunters. The Stealth Series will wick your sweat, conceal you and keep you mobile in the warmer temperatures. The Shield Series will wick your sweat, keep you warm and mobile in colder temperatures. All of Plythal’s products are broken down into these series AND 1-3 steps, so you know what you’re getting and how warm/cool it will keep you before you order. There is no more guessing! Plythal even offers a full set of rain gear.

Pricing is well below the competitors, that I can promise you. Other leading brands, you are looking at paying around $50.00 less for a cold weather jacket or pants when ordering through Plythal. Their customer service is top notch as well. So, how did it test out? Well, I’ll tell you it EXCEEDED their claims. In my opinion, their promises are quite modest compared to what their products actually are capable of. I hunted and filmed in every kind of weather scenario. I never got cold, I never had the wind penetrate my apparel and I never had a single thread shift. I stayed dry and warm in the cold and dry and cool in the warm season. For a picky hunter, I was impressed and completely sold on this company. Head over to to see for yourself. I stand by this product 110% and yes, I will bet my hunting season on it.

Cody Fuller

Antler Addiction T.V.


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