How many hunters out there DREAM of hunting over lushes green food plots? How many out there, while reading this, are thinking of that ONE spot you walk by every year and think to yourself, "Perfect spot for a food plot..."? How many hunters out there, even though you dream of having an amazing food source to hunt over, DREAD of thinking about how in the world you would actually get back there with a piece of equipment needed to get the job done? LOOK NO FURTHER!!! Groundhog Max will solve ALL of your food plot worries!

Do NOT let the size of this piece of equipment fool you, it packs a heavy punch. After using this bad boy I realized how the name "Groundhog" came about! This thing will flat out rip whatever piece of ground lies underneath of it OPEN, just like a ground hog. Now is the time. Now is the time to take that BIG step and up your edge over those ever loving mature whitetails we all sit back and day dream about. If you can get an atv/utv to your carefully selected location, you are in business. With today's rides, there are no excuses. Pick you up one of these and get to it!

All you need is a 2" receiver hitch/adapter and this puppy will go wherever you point it. Watch the video included with this entry and check out this amazing jewel. This is a must have in any whitetail hunters arsenal. When it comes to chasing those big bucks, even though we have the ability to reason, we are at a disadvantage! Even the odds! After receiving my Groundhog Max, it revolutionized my ability to plant a hideaway food plot ANYWHERE.

No more excuses! Break down, make the best decision you have ever made and pick one of these up! Hard to reach tracts of land do not seem so hard to reach now! Any questions about this dynamite piece of equipment, just ask!


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