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How many out there in the hunting lands far and wide use attractants? How many out there use minerals, in hopes to grow baseball bat size mass from base to tip? How many out there go out the day before gun season, throw whatever attractant the Kwik Stop down the road had to offer out and hope for the best? (please tell me you don't?) Well, either way LISTEN UP!!!!

Whether you like to manage a piece of property, gun hunt two weeks a year, or kind of in between, ANTLER ADDICTION MINERALS ARE FOR YOU!!! We here on the Addiction side, we love to manage our properties. It is JUST as important to us to maker sure our does drop our double fawns healthy as it is to grow big antlers! Here is a fun fact.... Did you know it takes YEARS for minerals to produce large antlers in a wild deer herd? Proven fact. So with our Antler Addiction Mineral line, we decided to spark, not one, but two of our fellow hunters interests.

Our Mineral line is a strong attractant as well. Have you smelt our Apple Smack flavor yet? Oh, man it'll knock you over! But that is what I love about it!!! Deer seem to be attracted to it HOT and HEAVY! How do we know? 80 days of hunting around it and 400+ days of trail camera use on the sites!!! Attracting, as well as offering nutrion for our deer herd, that is HUGE.

We have three flavors, Apple Smack, Hole Digger (molasses) and Buck Nuts (peanut flavor). All three work the same, it just depends on your deer herd. They do have the ability to make a choice, ya know. That is why we decided to give them one!

We run minerals year round, non stop. Constantly using them to learn about our deer herd. They just plain work, bottom line! You can check out some trail camera pictures on here of our minerals in use!



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