Vapor Trail Scents - Scent Maker Kit

For years we have watched companies come out with numerous of scent products, alond with scent dispersal aids. As bow hunters, for whitetails, it has became a MUST to play the wind and drench ourselves in scent masking products. I have to ask though, how much money have we wasted over time? Truth is, a lot. After meeting Rex Holmes Jr. and learning about his Vapor Maker, I realized just how much money I had wasted! I'll address that in a different piece, for now, I'm going to talk about Rex's Scent Maker Kit!

Who doesn't want to save money on hunting gear? Who is sick and tired of going to the store and spending a FORTUNE on scents? Is the scent your getting fresh? It is? How do you know? There is a lot of trust that has to be placed in the company who distributes your scent of choice. Why not just make your own scent? Deer are sociable creatures and use scent as a form of identification. If you harvest a doe and use her urine for your attractant, the deer in that area are probably going to more attracted to her scent, rather than some random does scent that was shipped in on a truck to the nearest retailer. It just makes sense!

Rex's Scent Maker Kit has all the tools you need! Watch this short video from the ATA show this year in Nashville. See what you think! Visit!!!!


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