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Most of the whitetail industry has shifted to archery. Everywhere you look, everyone is bow hunting, or at least trying it. A key factor when bow hunting is being comfortable. It's hard enough to get a shot at a trophy whitetail, but to get one within bow range, effect the shot and then locate your trophy once it has expired, that is a pure challenge for anybody! When shooting from a tree, blind or ground level, a bow hunter wants to be comfortable. Plythal is definitely on to something with their layering systems!

A lot of bow hunting is done in colder temperatures. Yes, all of us bow hunters hunt early season and swat the flys away from our face, but the truth of the matter is, a lot of your big boned bad boys are harvested in november and late season. When you bow hunt the rut or late season, and it is freezing temperatures, you obviously are going to stay warm! Layering has been acknowledge as an important factor in the hunting world. I hunted 78 days in the 2013 Kentucky and Ohio archery season, layering was a key.

Plythal offers you a variety of layering combos from sweat wicking layers for early season, all the way into a full cold weather layering system designed to out match the toughest environments. If you are a bow hunter, I highly recommend checking these guys out. It'll keep you cool in the early season and warm in the late season. Not only will it keep you warm, but you won't feel like the pillsbury dough boy moving around trying to draw down on a Booner!

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